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Choosing Life and Operating Happiness

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  • Fairytale


    There was once a love so great, It deducted the world’s weight …

  • Praise


    … And I give praise.

  • Sunday Feelings

    Sunday Feelings

    Sunday morning …

  • Saturday Routine

    Saturday Routine

    … I am half dressed, the day is half gone …

  • Words


    I write poetry to keep myself sane. Also I like using my brain …

  • Third Eye

    Third Eye

    … It is all guaranteed, so I must proceed.

  • Snakes


    Poison dripping from a broken soul, I sucked it out to save you …

  • Trigger Finger

    Trigger Finger

    The Truth Frees.

  • No If’s

    No If’s

    … I need some release …

  • Blueprint


    16 Bars

  • Changes


    Life brings me change, and I must accept …

  • Bye Bye

    Bye Bye

    … “Go ahead and fly.”

  • Everyday


    … Kids meal.

  • Leftovers


    A heart breaks, Crack. Let’s put it in a sack, And burry it out back …

  • Mute


    … I chant a ballad to my dear, It’s my Opera’s grand premier …

  • Morning News (Wake Up)

    Morning News (Wake Up)

    … My one sided love simply cannot fit, Like OJ’s glove, So I must acquit …

  • Animal Kingdom

    Animal Kingdom

    … I am feeling a change in my clime, I flip my wings, migrate and hum …

  • Guts


    A short hiatus

  • One-Two


    Excitement …

  • Waze


    … I will be my backbone, and claim my own throne.

  • Seek & Find

    Seek & Find

    … I know what I know, and I am okay not knowing what I don’t know …

  • Baby Steps

    Baby Steps

    … I feel I have the answer, I see it in my mind …

  • Brief


    … The lies of the past are not today’s truths …

  • Clarity


    … My core is resolved … Things are clear.

  • Rappers Delight

    Rappers Delight

    I can’t read, I can’t write …

  • Child’s Play

    Child’s Play

    You like red and my dress is blue …

  • Pain


    … My tears are the sea I row in …

  • Love Hexagon

    Love Hexagon

    Some Painful Truths

  • Surprise


    In no shade I shed… My first fictional poem: I will never lose love.

  • Horizons



  • Play


    Boom. Just Like That.

  • Game


    … I don’t sit and complain, I work with an aim …

  • Hey Hey Hey

    Hey Hey Hey

    I want to have fun all day …

  • Sweet Talk

    Sweet Talk

    I like moist cakes with cream and crisp. They make me happy, I bite my lip …

  • Home


    A mini poem of a great love …

  • Let’s Go

    Let’s Go

    … I wish I knew how to exude glee, and feel pleasant to simply disagree …

  • Real Talk

    Real Talk

    … It should be understood, I want to make you feel good …

  • Popeye The Sailor Man

    Popeye The Sailor Man

    I want what I want, I am who I am …

  • Thank You

    “Anyone who saves a life is as if he saves an entire world”.

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