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Time Off

Where I live there is so much air traffic.
I’ve never seen anything like this before,
It’s fantastic.

Flickering lights move through the sky
Because of its vastness
I can’t tell what direction they fly.

At times I think they’re flying too close,
I clearly can’t see the correct ratios.

Every time it happens my heart skips a beat and I hold my breath.
I imagine explosions, destruction and death.

Then they fly away, the moment passes and I calm down.
But I always remember what happened to the towers downtown.

I’m a sensitive person and watching it happen left a mark.
More throughout the day rather than at dark.

I think about the future and what it can bring.
Progression, prosperity or any other thing.

I want to feel peaceful as I sit and rest,
I feel very blessed yet I’m quite stressed.

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  1. Amber Avatar

    That sounds like a movie scene.. these flickering lights.. like a scary movie 😱❤️

    1. Tut Yashar Avatar

      Im so glad that It makes you imagine the scene ❤️💖 it’s beautiful and scary together


    Beautifully written dear TuT

    1. Tut Yashar Avatar

      Thank you so much, dear Devang 🙏😊

      1. DEVANG UPADHYAYA Avatar

        How’s your health?
        How’s your child’s health? Daughter? 🤔

      2. Tut Yashar Avatar

        We’re doing great! Thank you 😊 how about you?

  3. Moncadarita Avatar

    Nice post 💓💯🙏🫂👋🇪🇦

    Happy saturday 🌞

    1. Tut Yashar Avatar

      Thank you, happy Saturday 🙏😊✨👋

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