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The War

I’m angry about the war.
My heart is sore.

The news give me anxiety.
The loss of our society.

I’m terribly concerned.
Too many lessons unlearned.

I fear it will turn to WW Three.
And my family is not with me.

I want this whole war to end.
I don’t believe this is Gods plan.

I sit crying and I can’t write.
None of this is right!

Reality strikes, this will be long.
I hope I’m wrong, I have to stay strong.

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  1. KP Avatar

    Truly heartbreaking to hear and see the pain and heartache that war causes for millions. I hope you can find comfort like I have with the following passage….Isaiah 14:7 The whole earth now rests, free of disturbance. People cry out for joy.) That passage gives hope and assurance that the unrest that is taking place in Gaza, Ukraine, all over the world will soon end.

  2. Amber Avatar


    1. Tut Yashar Avatar


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