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Swan Song

In my depression,
My remarkably great depression,
The most vicious component is Time.
Time is illusive and deceptive.
It plays cruel games with my mind.
Five hours seem like not enough time to get ready.
One minute of stillness seems like an eternity of pain and suffering.
One thing good about you,
You have shown me that
Time is illusive and deceptive.
It means nothing.
We pace our lives through pre-constructed fragments of time.
But, perhaps some days ARE longer than others? Perhaps sometimes the sun loves us more, and the moon hides for its own reasons.
Our decomposition rate is different, at the same age people don’t look the same age.
Perhaps these fragments are false, and one person’s day IS longer than another’s, or that time passes differently for different people, or that,
Time is illusive and deceptive.
Scientists use equations to measure time yet they still know nothing at all about it, and I’m supposed to blindly accept the length of an hour? In my mind every hour is different, it is the same with my experience.
The missing pieces of ourselves are always revealed to us when time stands still, yet the feeling we get from this enlightenment disappears in a split of a second.
We can have a series of life changing thoughts in less than a minute, we will need hours to explain them in words.
If we think with words, then the above is only possible because
Time is illusive and deceptive.
When I’m depressed I am deceived easily,
And I also see vividly.
When Time deceives me in one thing, I wake to all its lies at once.
Here, I find secrets of the world,
Just because of how
Hard it is for me to
Take a shower.
Time tricks me to think it will take forever, a suffering that I cannot endure.
And when I am in I am joyous and within a few streams, my suffering cures.
It is not depression that does this,
It is not anxiety.
It is time that plays with me.
I see you,
You almost had me.
You are illusive and deceptive.

People suffer to run by your side,
I don’t want anything to do with you,
Alone I stride.
I believe in the truth,
Everything dies.
But time has nothing to do with it,
It is the circle of life.
Time is not circular,
Otherwise the dead would be back,
We would still not meet them,
The wheel isn’t flat.
Time can’t trick me anymore,
I want to be able to step out the door
To a fragment not sore,
And not call it “Time”.
Time has miscarried me
With its fallacy.

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  1. Jim W. Avatar
    Jim W.

    Only through time, time is conquered
    …T.S. Eliot, Four Quartets

    The Quartets are all about making sense of time and experience…you might like, but it’s from a middle-aged white guy perspective. The Quartets helped me a lot in the past 💐🌺🌻🌼🌷🏵️🌹🪷🌸

    1. Tut Yashar Avatar

      I think I will buy it. Actually sounds like something just for me 😊 thank you 😊

  2. Didi's Art Design Avatar

    Not only time and space exist, also we do not really exist – what makes our existence is our ego, our duality, our separation from the whole – we are just a tiny drop of the Ocean of life that is beyond death and life, time and space – somthing beyond even our imagination – we are not just the drop (only when separated from the whole) – we are All and Nothing, beyond every description and word. So when we empty ourselves from ourselves, then the great Ocean can take a seat in us again (without ego, mind, duality) – our longing should be to become one with the One – therefore, we have to understand our own mind, to get to know our own self, what we think, why think this and that, why we do this and that – then we can start finding the tricks of our own mind.

    I wish you all the best my friend and try to keep your attention in positive ways – when time tries to attach you, to control you, sit in peace and know time is an illusion…

    Hugs and love

    1. Tut Yashar Avatar

      Hello dear, thank you so much for taking the time to write me. Time exists indeed, in the poem I just claim it is illusive and deceptive. We cannot trick it but it can trick us. We also trick ourselves, but that is another poem. I don’t know what we are, real or false, only inside our minds or our as well, I believe we are everything and nothing as well. Thank you again and I wish you the best as well my friend 🙏🏼😊💕

      1. Didi's Art Design Avatar

        Thank you, very much, my dear friend 🙂
        Also for and yours a great time in health and happiness 🙂

  3. Lamittan Minsah Avatar

    Such a truthful piece. Time is illusive and deceptive indeed. What a wonderful song that rolls across the valleys with strength like a young calf. I love it. And thanks for your following too. Glad to connect and share in each other’s thoughts. 😊

    1. Tut Yashar Avatar

      Thank you so much, I love how you describe it 😊😊 Thank you for the follow as well and I am happy to connect and read your thoughts 🙏🏼💫

      1. Lamittan Minsah Avatar

        Lots of pleasure indeed. 🙏

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