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Sunny D

Is a
Gloomy moment
Inside my heart.
I feel like I’m poached eggs,
And outside the sun is rising.
All my tasks line up like mini wooden soldiers,
The Queen’s Guard,
They March towards me from an orangey horizon,
Left foot, Right foot
March ahead towards Tut.
The sunrise glows,
It’s going to be a beautiful day.

I live in two different worlds –
Inside and out.
I don’t know if I wish them to integrate,
I only care
To keep being Straight, and
That inside me
Will be
A sunny day.

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  1. Priti Avatar

    Beautiful lines I think we all live in two different worlds! Well shared thanks.💕👍😊

    1. Tut Yashar Avatar

      Yes, if we are willing to admit it or see it 😊 thank you so much for reading and commenting 💗💗

      1. Priti Avatar

        It’s my pleasure 😊🙂 stay blessed ❣️💕

      2. Tut Yashar Avatar

        Thank you, you too 😊💗🙏🏼

      3. Priti Avatar


  2. Devang Upadhyaya Avatar

    Keep shining!!!

  3. Shashi Avatar

    Like the line “ I live in two worlds “. Can relate to it.

    1. Tut Y Avatar


    2. Tut Y Avatar

      It’s burdensome feeling sometimes but it’s good sharing it

      1. Shashi Avatar


  4. Jim Wingrove Avatar
    Jim Wingrove

    I really like this. I often feel the same 🌞🌞

    1. Tut Y Avatar

      Thank you, I just wrote this one. The sun is shining outside, I’m hopeful we both have a sunny day inside ☀️🌼

      1. Jim Wingrove Avatar
        Jim Wingrove

        partly cloudy for me, which is fine…thanks for the kind thought ⛅⛅⛅

      2. Tut Y Avatar

        Yes I’m with you in this one

      3. Jim Wingrove Avatar
        Jim Wingrove

        thanks 🌷

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