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Choosing Life and Operating Happiness

Revelations on Happiness

Give a book to a person who can’t read and he will not know what to do with it. He may find ways to use it but not for its sole purpose. If a person like that is stuck on a deserted island with a manual for his survival he will never know he has the key. The best he can do is use the pages to set a fire to help him get by a bit longer.

This is Happiness to all people.

We have this gift, the ability to be happy. To me it means adding more light to the world. Happiness isn’t just a gift for a person, it’s also the person’s gift to the universe.

What is happiness? How do we achieve it? How do we contain it? How do we maintain it?

Happiness can be looked at as a battery-operated toy. Two things need to happen for it to work and serve it’s purpose: 1. Put the batteries in, and 2. turn the On switch.

Being Happy is the same: You turn it on and make sure you feed it energy so it will continue to work.

Being happy is an Action. It is something that we must work on, work for. We need to feed it, we need to nurture it, we need to put every atom and all our energy into it.

What is it like to feel Happiness? It is not always waking up in the morning smiling and jolly yet it is always having firm knowledge that everything is okay.

As long as you take control over your reactions as the ruler of your own world you are Active and action equals happiness.

Re-visit, re-negotiate, re-consider, re-action.

All these words describe an action – a verb. And the “re” means do again – do that thing you were doing, again. Take re-consider for example. The purpose of using this word is to perhaps change what was previously determined.

Our re-actions are just an action over an action. Re-action is our chance to entirely change what happened right before we stepped in any situation.

In our mind, our perception, we can be happy all the time. Even when awful things happen we can be happy because we are just doing it! Working for it.

When I was younger I had many thoughts about my purpose as a human being in this world. In the past years I thought about it less and less, and today I was thinking about it.

I don’t have a definite answer, but I also believe that it’s only for me to decide if this is it… I think that my purpose in this current state of existence is to be truly and fully Happy.

It is a hard job to constantly act for your own happiness.

It means knowing what to hold onto and knowing what to let go of.

It means understanding there is almost nothing worth holding onto and almost everything is meant to be let go of.

It means choosing kindness as a default state. It means choosing being kind to yourself first, so you can truly be kind to others.

It means throwing away known definitions, expectations, conformity.

It means that you are separating yourself from the rest by choosing Happiness, because

Who is truly Happy?

Not many people can Endure gifts of happiness from others because they don’t know how to deal with their own gift, so how can they embrace another one’s? Some want to receive the gift from another, but still don’t know how to operate it.

In a world full of longing people, each longs for something different, so many people long to be happy but wrongly use the tools they possess to operate their happiness.

Happiness is not operated by the heart but by the mind.

You Do, you Act, you USE your mind to operate that happiness through your vessel, you Stimulate it.

You concentrate to be able to put all your energy in making your body a shrine of dancing, shining Atoms.

Lately it has been hard for me to dedicate myself to being happy. I spent a lot of time wondering how is it that I am so amazing and I still have not met a man who even wants to try to get to know me better. I was thinking about how much I want to have children and how it saddens me to contemplate the idea that I might not get the triple package of love, sex and children. I may have to compromise on this package. Today I said fuck that!

If I choose to do something it will not be a compromise, it will be my free choice based on my free will. I will revisit my options when I decide to.

What I decide to do now is be happy, NOW. And let us not forget “now” is really just like “forever” if your perspective enables it.

I may be different, I may be alone, but I may not be lonely. I choose happiness and I am determined now more than ever, to use my gift as it should be used.

This makes me feel okay that I don’t have a man by my side, because I have the entire universe inside me.

I could give a man three worlds, not just the one. I want to. But if you were to stand in the street offering people money and no one would take it,

You’re going home with a bag full of money.

So I am my own moneybag.

My happiness is my rich.

I am all The diamonds I want to crown myself with,

I am the home I want to rest my head in,

I am the view I want to see,

I am the warmth I need to exist.

I am a container of galaxies,

I curate life,

I am a conductor of light.

Nothing ever ceases to exist in me, fore I Am Existence, and being Happy is how I choose to exist.

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  1. Hairstyles Avatar

    Hello.This post was extremely fascinating, especially since I was looking for thoughts on this topic last Sunday.

    1. Tut Yashar Avatar

      Thank you, I am so happy you can find help and interest in my writing 😊🙏🏼

  2. Devang Upadhyaya Avatar

    This is surely a long read, but love it
    Happiness is always around us, we need to discover it!
    Happiness can be found in almost everything, we need to let it in.
    Great Work Tut, keep smiling.

    1. Tut Yashar Avatar

      Thank you Devang, you keep smiling too 😊😊🙏🏼

  3. bloglifenstuff40b7eba1f1 Avatar

    This is awesome!

    1. Tut Y Avatar

      Thank you 🙏🏼😊

      1. bloglifenstuff40b7eba1f1 Avatar

        You’re welcome!

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