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I am empty,
I am sad.
Again, I miss a feeling
Of meaning.
Who am I?
How can I give more?
My pace is too slow,
I don’t do enough.
You should read more,
You have all your chores.
There is work,
There are dreams,
And there is the work
On making my dreams a reality.
Things are slowly forming to existence,
And I am clueless:
Am I the one doing this?
I sail my boat at sea,
And I don’t see
Anything but the paddles
I row with.
There is land ahead,
All I have to do is keep going.
I am tired,
I am driven.
I want a hug,
But I’m alone at sea.
All the focal points in my life
Are changing.
I don’t believe in romantic love
Any longer,
And I don’t care.
I shed a tear as I write,
Romance is dead in my heart.
All I care for is
To take care of a love
I can keep alive,
My own.
Here I am,
An American.
My face covered in tears,
My loneliness has reappeared.
I look in the mirror and see
A beautiful woman crying,
A real woman trying.
I sometimes feel like I’m dying,
There is no denying.
As my tears drying,
I want to start apologizing
For all the suffering caused.
I wish I could cure
All the world’s pain,
And then
Maybe I can feel some gain.
There is so much love in me to give,
I wish I had ten hearts
And one hundred arms,
So I could hug the pain away
From everyone.
My tears are the sea I row in.
I lied,
They haven’t dried.
Even when I’m down,
I try not to frown,
Yet I feel my words are of a clown.
Who wants to read all this
On a sunny morning filled with bliss?

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  1. Jade Edge Avatar

    “I wish I had ten hearts
    And one hundred arms” – <3

    1. Tut Yashar Avatar


  2. thereluctantpoet Avatar

    I so understand the feelings. They sneak up on me too. Here is a quote that belongs on a post-it note pinned to your bathroom mirror! Let it be your mantra at least twice a day and it will help you start arranging life in a way that will make your dreams come true!!!
    “What have you done, today, to make your dreams come true”? The other thing that is extremely helpful is to start using a Time Management System such as The Franklin Planner – it really works to capture things in time and give them a root.

    1. Tut Yashar Avatar

      Thank you so much, I truly appreciate your feedback and you’re right, time management is super important and I actually have a lot to work on in that aspect when it comes to my own goals 😊 and a great mantra!! I sure do ask myself this lately and that helps me feel better 💕 Thank you again my friend

  3. Jeff Flesch Avatar

    Oh my goodness, the flow of words and your eloquent expression fills the heart. There is pain here, and yet living inside these lines are 10 hearts, and many more. Beautiful, Tut. I love this one. ❤️🙏

    1. Tut Yashar Avatar

      Thank you so much Jeff, this really touches my heart and helps me to hear this!! 🙏🏼❤️💗

      1. Jeff Flesch Avatar

        I’m so happy to know this; you’re most welcome, Tut. Always! ❤️🙏💖

  4. GraceoftheSun Avatar

    Powerful and impactful. Love it.💕

    1. Tut Yashar Avatar

      Thank you so much! 🙏🏼💗

      1. GraceoftheSun Avatar

        My pleasure.💕

  5. Lamittan Minsah Avatar

    Oooh, this is quite poignant yet beautifully written. Your writing is a notch higher than many, Tut. Keep it up.

    1. Tut Yashar Avatar

      That’s an amazing compliment, thank you so much, Lamittan!!! Especially now this really helps me feel better ❤️

      1. Lamittan Minsah Avatar

        I’m glad it did. Feel much welcome. 🌺❤

      2. Tut Yashar Avatar

        Thank you again, truly touched my heart and made me smile 🙏🏼😊❤️

      3. Lamittan Minsah Avatar


  6. Mike U. Avatar

    The pain in this poem is palpable and hurts my heart to read it. You’re not alone. Please believe this. I could identify with much of what you wrote here and I just wanted to reach out and send you light and hope. You’re a wonderful poet, and the honesty with which you write is astounding and admirable. Hang in there. Pouring our hearts out through poetry has a therapeutic effect and can do wonders to help us deal with pain. It’s what I do, and it help me when I’m struggling through the darkness. Here’s wishing the sun shines on you today and reminds you that there is hope. 🙂

    1. Tut Yashar Avatar

      Thank you so much, Mike!! You have no idea how much this helps and means to me. And very true, gratefully we are not alone. It is a blessing to be able to have this therapeutic element, to channel out some of the pain. Thank you so much again!!

  7. mic Avatar

    👌👌👌✒️📷💖💖💖 head up

    1. Tut Yashar Avatar

      Thank you!! 🙏🏼💗💕🙏🏼

      1. mic Avatar


  8. Avatar

    There are so many ups and downs in our lives and you are in your boat rowing! Rewiring the brain takes time and is tiring, but keep going! You are turning poison into medicine! This is all good! You’ve got this!

    1. Tut Yashar Avatar

      Thank you so so much, it helps me a lot to hear this!! ❤️❤️ and you are right

      1. Avatar

        Sending good thoughts and good energy! 😊😊🎶🎶🎶

      2. Tut Yashar Avatar

        Thank you!! I’m sending you the same 😊🙏🏼💗

      3. Avatar



    What I like about you is you are able to write all this. I mean a poet’s work is difficult, because they have to live that emotion, and feel it. You are writing different work with different expression and you are sharing marvelous work.

    1. Tut Yashar Avatar

      Thank you so much!!! Especially right now, your words really help my heart. Thank you Devang 😊🙏🏼🙏🏼

      1. DEVANG UPADHYAYA Avatar

        You always have my wishes with you.
        Sometimes I’m not in a good mood, so I don’t respond much, but I care about your content. Consider me a brother or a friend but I’m always available to support you in a best way I’m capable of.

      2. Tut Yashar Avatar

        Thank you, I am sorry to hear you haven’t been feeling so good, and same for you my friend, if I can help- I am here. I think this is a time of heavy energies for so many of us. But we are not alone in this. And thank you again!

      3. DEVANG UPADHYAYA Avatar


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