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Morning Flow

Excitement for further growth
It is fall and I feel like spring.
I open my mouth and sing
That’s what wholeness brings.

I write my words as days go by
Whether I’m happy or teary eyed.
Stories I tell I don’t dulcify
My inner truth I never deny.

I love my life and I want to live
Therefore I always try to forgive,
Yet sometimes I must be combative
So that I can continue to grow.

It’s best to stay true and to glow
Not even I can stop my flow.
I gladly welcome the things I don’t know
I believe in the process, however slow.

No wonder I feel like it’s spring
My garden of flowers is blooming within.
I stare at the world with a grin
With this mindset I’m sure to win.

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  1. Amber Avatar

    🏆💕🥰 beautiful 💗

    1. Tut Yashar Avatar

      Thank you 🙏❤️

  2. pk MUNDO 🌍 Avatar


  3. Pkmundo Avatar


    Feedback please.

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