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Spoken Word

I’m tired of these chains around my neck
I’m not a slave
This gold is heavy
And I’m all about light.

I’m tired of foe friends around my plate
I’m not your chef
You take your food stale
And my produce fresh.

I’m tired of leaches sucking on my flesh
I’m not your blood
I’m blue
Like royalty and
The skies
Above you.

I’m tired of rats merging in my route
I’m not here to listen to your flute
Your noise too wavy
And I’m so straight, absolute.

I’m tired of these men
Regretting they can’t
Be my man
In hindsight they all understand
That I was Godsend. But
Your energy’s backwards
And I’m straightforward, Ya see.

I’m tired of giving a hand
And receiving smelly feet
Engaging in fake interactions
With hazy people
Who can’t ever reach me.

I’m tired of being professional
In a mediocre world
I’m not going to beg you
To achieve your goals
While ya downgrading a G.

I’m tired of acting as scarecrow
To birds who peck on me
And turn the other cheek
I’m not Jesus I’m Jewish, I’m blessed
And the only cheeks you can slap
Are my buttocks, bitch.

I’m tired of being lonely
But it’s such a big part of me.

I’m tired of seeing all of you
While I’m ignoring me.

All I got left to do is chin up
Keep growing while remaining clean

All I got to do is keep moving forward
And stay honored
As an undisputed Queen.

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