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  • An Ode

    An Ode

    An Ode (a Shade)

  • The Dark

    The Dark

    … No one has mercy for the none believers, Not even God …

  • Today


    … The blasphemy …

  • It Is What It Is

    It Is What It Is

    How do you “have faith” if you don’t believe in the concept of time? …

  • Untamed


    … It seems like I’m at the bottom of an erupting volcano watching my pain hurling outside my body…

  • Everyone Knows I Am Sad

    Everyone Knows I Am Sad

    … And I am in a void between two worlds, Pretending To exist…

  • Mirror Mirror

    Mirror Mirror

    … It’s the passion you don’t have that burns your soul, It’s the thank you’s you don’t say that make you miserable…

  • Frank


    … How am I supposed to be Godly and engage in holy activities when I have to take care of stupid, earthly errands I am being forced to take care of in order to be a functioning part of society? …

  • Puff Daddy

    Puff Daddy

    … The people who are super successful AND happy are the ones who embrace love as the compass of their being. Point blank. Mic drop. There is NO other way. …

  • I Am Purple

    I Am Purple

    … My mind and my heart are that room, And my soul feels like that ocean. I am Red and Blue…

  • June, 2020

    June, 2020

    … Power has been taken from the people for so long and in any imaginable form. “We The People” have not been a real “We” at any point…

  • A Letter Not Sent

    A Letter Not Sent

    … I wish I could show you. I feel confused and disconnected from any reality. Like the world isn’t real and there is no significance to anything that’s going on…

  • Alone & Afraid

    Alone & Afraid

    … I’m alone and not alone and feel alone and not alone and sometimes lonely and sometimes free…

  • A Killer

    A Killer

    … In my life of achievements I feel a constant failure. An unloved, sad, beaten soul…

  • Farewell


    … I’m tired of leaches sucking on my flesh, I’m not your blood, I’m blue, Like royalty and the skies above you…

  • No Title / Fraud

    No Title / Fraud

    … I think I don’t see things right Because I feel so wrong …

  • Giving In

    Giving In

    …A world without reflection Does not exist…

  • Preface / Introduction

    Preface /  Introduction

    … The notion that someone can benefit from reading these posts fuels me to share the most horrid, and beautiful, thoughts I had over the past years. If by reading this content one person can feel less lonely in this world then I have contributed something to humanity…