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  • Free


    … I am like a newborn deer, stumbling curious, looking around with awe …

  • America


    Old thoughts by my young mind

  • All


    … Once we accept that we are all, we become free to be nothing …

  • Gratitude


    Dedicated To My WordPress Friends.

  • Whereabouts


    … I don’t know where I am, I don’t know where I’m going …

  • Cutthroat


    … I pick it up and throw it in the trash, no place for precious treasures …

  • Reconciliation


    I am an accountant … (Now you know)

  • Love Angle

    Love Angle

    I am a lost man, found in a great chamber …

  • An Ocean

    An Ocean

    … What didn’t flow out one way comes out the other, I am the ocean motherfucker …

  • Joy


  • My Truth

    My Truth

    There is so much disappointment in the everyday life …

  • Spring


    … The wind sets me free and I’m back where I belong: High…

  • Displacement


    … Considerable gifts require considerable utilization …

  • Sunny Mourning

    Sunny Mourning

    It’s a terrible feeling, to mourn the living …

  • Reality


    I am sad …

  • MIA


    Today I don’t want to write …

  • Up Next: Straight Forward

    Up Next: Straight Forward

    … I feel myself freed, I let myself lead …

  • Sandy


    … We are in the emptiest, fullest moment …

  • Presence


    Your presence is like a boat. It floats in my everyday and sinks in the depth of my consciousness.

  • Saturday Morning Thoughts

    Saturday Morning Thoughts

    … My mind is like a man, It always plays these games …

  • My Prayer

    My Prayer

    … I pray I win the lottery, But it’s not the one you think …

  • Sweet Illusions

    Sweet Illusions

    … Let’s get married and live happily ever after …

  • Nine To Five

    Nine To Five

    An outer body experience: A conversation with myself: Preach.

  • Dawn


    A birth of a new day

  • Your Message

    Your Message

    … When it comes to you and I, It’s either all or bye-bye …

  • Why I Love You

    Why I Love You

    … That’s why I love you …

  • Sweet Dreams

    Sweet Dreams

    Sleep Tight

  • Ukraine


    … My roots are from both Russia and Ukraine, I guess I have to say “Goddamn” …

  • Another Day

    Another Day

    … I thought I could say goodbye, now I think I was wrong.

  • Time


    … Inside, Time is everything when you’re not here. Outside, Time is nothing when you’re not here …

  • Many Eyes

    Many Eyes

    … My inner contradictions are having a noisy house party …

  • Happy


    If a heart heals does the art end?

  • Crack


    … This shall not be rhymed.

  • Triathlon


    I have visions of things that will never happen …

  • Absolution


    A letter to self

  • Heartbreak


    I imagine you read what I wrote …

  • Wishes


    – What are yours?

  • For – Give

    For – Give

    Who I Am / A Note To Self

  • Grievances


    … I’m heart broken as a Greek plate, And I am contrite to reflect …

  • Pink & Blue

    Pink & Blue

    … I want to be a princess sometimes, not a Queen …

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