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Choosing Life and Operating Happiness

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  • A Note

    I am feeling overwhelmed. I need to take a break.

  • A Tune

    A Tune

    … I want to feel strong …

  • Mic Check

    Mic Check

    … Life is not black and white, I try to keep a clear sight …

  • Backwards



  • Recognition


    New things must take place.

  • End Game

    End Game

    Shame makes me feel like a sham

  • Rhyme Time

    Rhyme Time

    … Accept myself as I am, lift my character with a love crane …

  • Chirp


    I am a Bird …

  • No Love

    No Love

    … How will I ever forgive myself? I’m so hurt, I put my life on a shelf …

  • Silence’s Sound

    Silence’s Sound

    … Voices are mixed in a vortex of tears, yet none of my words enter your ears …

  • Love


    … Love is not described In the context of “Have” but In the context of “Have not” …

  • My Sitvanit

    My Sitvanit

    My dog’s name was a flower’s name …

  • A Man.

    A Man.

    … A woman lost in the world, ashes of life spreading in the air, of nowhere and everywhere …

  • No Is No

    No Is No

    Can’t Really Embellish A No

  • Mutuality


    … I suppose we both lie …

  • Senses


    I’m trying to tell you that I love you, you never learned to listen …

  • Shine


    … Look at the masterpiece my heartbreak reformed.

  • Not A Poem / HolyLand

    Not A Poem / HolyLand

    … I am not a hit song, I can’t be on the radio for all to hear …

  • Three Fears, Three Wishes

    Three Fears, Three Wishes

    … Names get confused in my head according to how people made me feel …

  • No Judgement

    No Judgement

    Words build and words ruin …

  • An Outlook

    An Outlook

    … Happy is happy.

  • You


    No one is you …

  • Excuse Me.

    Excuse Me.

    It’s a heavy, honest morning here where I am.

  • Controversial


    … My feelings make me powerful, not weak. Men don’t like my feelings, as I get stronger their fear is at a peak …

  • Playlist


    I wish I could make you a playlist of my poetry …

  • What You Don’t See

    What You Don’t See

    … I want small things that will make me feel large …

  • Femmes


    To all the women in my life

  • Swan Song

    Swan Song

    … Time is illusive and deceptive …

  • The Good

    The Good

    … How do I rise from the top to an even higher place? …

  • I Love You

    I Love You

    … My dear Contradictions, I don’t understand, how can a mind be so round, to reflect all resonating sounds? …

  • Me


    … I feel the absence of settlement in my heart and I don’t know what it is that will ever settle me …

  • Lists, Part 2

    Lists, Part 2

    … You blamed me I’m making lists.

  • Lists, Part 1

    Lists, Part 1

    You brought me dead flowers …

  • Dancing Tasks

    Dancing Tasks

    … I want to spread positivity, Instead I panic unwillingly …

  • Dreams


    … The dreams I dream are most extreme, nothing is as it seems …

  • Jolly Melancholy

    Jolly Melancholy

    Thank you in advance, Management.

  • Death


    How can one be such a realist and such a dreamer, without being torn apart …

  • Shame


    Pain is boring

  • Beautiful Tears

    Beautiful Tears

    … I write the words my tears can’t reveal, I write these words to help myself heal …

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