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Saturday Routine

I want to go do my hair,
I am feeling combined anxiety and dare.
A Queen doesn’t get ready alone,
I need some help to get my hair blown.

Can someone come to me?
– I don’t want to go anywhere, I swear.

The next moment I’m thrown,
Myself I disown.
I’m not even a peasant,
I don’t deserve to feel pleasant.

I don’t know what I feel at present…

I am half dressed,
The day is half gone.
There is no use in sitting home alone.
Anxiety is real, I think I can’t conceal.

When people look at me,
Do they see what’s inside?
Do they know I woke up and cried?
A thousand times a day I resurrect and die.

I know it’s not real, but this is how I feel…

I’m ready, I look flawless,
I feel flawed.
I want to smile at people
Without feeling odd.

I want to be out and about,
It’s almost time to go.
Maybe I should change again,
What’s wrong with my brain?

All I want is to feel good,
The opposite from my childhood.
Be fearless to go outside,
Feel confident and dignified.

I change my clothes,
Back to my original choice
I feel good,
Listening to my inner voice.

Now I feel ready,
I’m so glad
I did my hair alone,
It wasn’t hard.

It doesn’t have the same effect,
I don’t think it looks perfect.
Still I deserve a medal
To put over my neck.

I am walking out the door
To have some fun.
That means I already won
The hardest battle of the day.

So to myself I say,
Thank you for overcoming your anxiety,
While keeping your sobriety.
Now go outside and party.

WRITTEN: JUN 11, 2022, Published at LifeAroundTheCorner.Blog

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