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Third Eye

I made a plan
God is still in command
So he took my man
Though it looks like he ran.

I sit and I cry
But never ask why
He’s not my ally
Or why the lie.

Though it is unjust
In him I put my trust
I am filled with disgust
And want to combust.

I shouldn’t act on whim
And talk about him
His light is dim
His life is grim.

I tried to hug his pain away
But I was his prey
Such foul play
In my heart I still stay.

I wanted to have fun
Not with just anyone
I thought my love had won
But with him it can’t be done.

Thankfully God is here
To walk me through my fear
Through tears I see clear
He is not my dear.

I am meant to succeed
So I can finally breed
It is all guaranteed
So I must proceed.

WRITTEN: JUN 7, 2022, Published at LifeAroundTheCorner.Blog

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