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Morning News (Wake Up)

One sided love brings such deep pains
Imagine the agony God contains
Loving the humans who enjoy his gains
Whilst they refuse to accept his reign.

My one sided love simply cannot fit
Like OJ’s glove, So I must acquit
All he does is push me then split
This sad truth I should finally admit.

My one sided love hurts my heart
I should have known from the start
It would tear me apart
Smash into pieces my fine work of art.

One sided love is a terrible thing
I made you a king without getting a ring
Loving you feels like swimming upstream
I was already flying then you cut off my wings.

WRITTEN: JUN 2, 2022, Published at LifeAroundTheCorner.Blog

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  1. Beautiful thing about your poems are it’s easy to understand. It flows smoothly. I love the word combination. I know, you told me how hard it is, requires so much mental work. But, the final product is always beautiful. Keep smiling

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