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A heart breaks,
Let’s put it in a sack
And burry it out back.

My heart broke,
I am having an anxiety attack
My burden I can not unpack.

You broke my heart,
You did it without a six pack
Hit it hard and I heard ‘smack’.

My heart is broken,
I know since my livelihood is in lack
And burdensome sadness I stack.

WRITTEN: JUN 4, 2022, Published at LifeAroundTheCorner.Blog

28 responses to “Leftovers”

  1. My dear friend, Tut Yashar

    Life is sometimes like the weather: we face sunny times and rainy times – and all those things are meant to learn from – clouds may cover part of our life, but the warming sun is still there – above the clouds 🙂
    In this way, I want to put a plaster on your fresh wound.
    Warm regards and big hugs

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