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Animal Kingdom

Can I take it one step at a time?
– Who am I asking permission from?

I get overwhelmed from the climb,
I don’t know who I will become.

I am heading towards my prime,
I am a Goat so I will not succumb.

I am feeling a change in my clime,
I flip my wings, migrate and hum.

I don’t know what’s going on,
– With whom can I place my trust?

I am a Whale I am not a Pawn,
To rise above waters I must.

I am not a Duck I am a Swan,
So through growth I do adjust.

I want to know how to move along,
Without feeling too rushed.

What type of life awaits me?
– My animal instincts are hibernating.

Am I a Bear roaming lonely and free?
Only in pair when in mating.

Or am I a Wolf in a pack, or a Queen Bee?
Spending my life congregating.

I do not know what will be,
There is no accelerating.

I ran so far, throughout the jungle like a Jaguar.
– Now I lost my sense of location.

Through the green screen I see a morning star,
I track myself through elevation.

Like a Bat, I am using my radar,
To find a sense of direction.

I am not in Zanzibar, nor Myanmar,
But in a totally different dimension.

WRITTEN: JUN 1, 2022, Published at LifeAroundTheCorner.Blog

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