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Choosing Life and Operating Happiness


Yesterday was my birthday.
For the first time in my life
I woke up not missing a thing,
I had everything I wanted.
It was the best feeling in the world.
Happiness is the little things,
It comes wrapped in beautiful simplicity.

Today I feel different.
Unfortunately, I call it “sober.”
I feel like sometimes I escape reality and live my own dream life, which feels sweet.
Then reality kicks back in and I see,
Someone got hurt.
I didn’t handle what I needed to
And people are influenced by
My lack of actions.

I should be mindful,
And at times I’m careless.
I don’t know if I make it so that one thing comes at the expense of another,
Or is it just the way of the world?
Maybe I make my happiness seem illegitimate by acting illegitimately.
I tie my happiness with ill-mannered behavior because then I can doubt my happiness, as I do my actions.

Some behaviors I regret.
I do not regret being happy.
My lesson is to focus only on the few things that bring me joy.
All of these things combined are my joy and well-being:
My family, my art and business, and my love.
All of these things combined are Me.
I don’t want to focus on anything else,
This is a full world.
From here will come more joy and more giving to others.
My core is resolved.
From now on, I will wear my priorities as a crown sitting on my forehead.
Things are clear.

WRITTEN: MAY 15, 2022

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