Life Around The Corner

Choosing Life and Operating Happiness


Unwanted doubts through my chosen routes.
They can grow like sprouts after droughts.

I strayed instead of providing aid.
I should have stayed but I was too afraid.

As I become stable my anxieties I disable.
I lay my priorities like an electric cable.

My attention I add to what makes me glad.
And now when I’m sad I do not act mad.

With Amour sometimes doing less is giving more.
My loyalty I swore and my belief I shall restore.

I learn and grow to understand what I know.
My trauma heals slow yet it doesn’t run my show.

The lies of the past are not today’s truths.
Terrible things I encountered in my youth.

I don’t have to fear my love will slip away.
No one protected my heart since it’s first day.

Now I find myself in a new situation.
I know it’s safe to build my foundation.

There are no words to explain how I feel.
I finally sense life is real.

I will never fold and always keep my hold.
My love is my gold and our crowns I mold.

I understand my place and I can tone my pace.
Myself I embrace and act with calm and grace.

WRITTEN: MAY 15, 2022

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