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Child’s Play

You like red and my dress is blue,
Guess you think I’m not your crew.

My name is strawberry, I thought you knew,
But for you, my essence does not do.

I’m finding out you have no clue,
How to act or what to pursue.

I don’t know if your intentions were true,
We both misconstrue, then we both withdrew.

I’m the sun and you’re morning dew,
Our love destructs every morning anew.

I’m rubber, you’re glue,
Damn you for what you put me through.

We could have been happy, just us two,
The world as our playground, a beautiful view.


You focus on death and I’m alive,
Guess our love is not meant to survive.

This poem is for me, for self review,
You hurt me so much, I am done with you.

WRITTEN: MAY 2, 2022

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