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Let’s Go

I’m shy,
I know why.
I don’t want to be.
Human interactions
Frighten me.
I’m afraid
To be stung, like a bee.
To be drenched, like a flea.
I wish I knew how
To exude glee,
And feel pleasant
To simply disagree.
I want to have no regrets
After I am being me.
I don’t want to feel a threat,
Or that I got someone upset.
To be covered up in sweat,
While I smoke a cigarette.
I want to feel warm, like tea,
Made right to the perfect degree.
I want to always be sweet,
Not salty like the sea.
Be truly open,
Because I hold the key.
I want to embrace,
Like I’m a tree.
I want to laugh
Because I feel free.
At times I feel
I’m shy only when it comes to
Being happy,
I don’t want anyone to feel crappy.
I don’t want to seem like I gloat,
I hide my fortune under a coat.
This poem is getting way too long,
Maybe I can put it into a song.
Sometimes I invent the need for empathy
Where it doesn’t belong,
At the expense of being me
And that is just wrong.
If I am really strong, then
I want to lead people along
With me,
For us all to be free.
I can’t be shy
If I want to fly.
A bird is completely exposed
In the sky.

WRITTEN: APR 27, 2022

28 responses to “Let’s Go”

  1. It’s like a song
    Probably a rap ☺️
    It was so smooth, your poem was flowing freely like a hot knief on the butter.
    I like the choice of words flea
    Glee, disagree, gloat, coat wow!!
    No offense, how long does it take to write a poem??
    I know this is very personal, you might have this poem in your mind but you even had these words coming to you at the moment you thought about it??
    Also no offense, fat guy workout doesn’t recommend smoking

    • 🤣🤣🤣 fat guy is right and I actually quit smoking over a year ago. But the word was good and it is something I used to do for years.
      Thank you so much Devang, I am so happy you like it!
      This poem I wrote in two pieces, one last night and one this morning. Altogether maybe 30 minutes. Some poems takes a few hours, some I have to sleep over. My mind and emotions are so “alive” I can have a look outside and the smell of the air would write a poem through me. When this happens it is very quick.
      Sometimes I would write a poem that doesn’t rhyme and then look at it and the replacement rhyme words appear in my mind when I look at it as whole. It’s very different with each poem 😊 but do feel free to pick my brain it’s definitely no offense

      • That’s actually a very difficult process and I highly respect you for this. 🙇🏻‍♂️
        Don’t take it wrong, but try to sing this poem as a rap, it would be fun.
        Your work is beautiful and your knowledge is wide.
        Best wishes

      • Thank you so much! I will do it. I am working on this.
        Also, I understand. When I write research papers or for example now I’m writing a business plan. I sit with so many sources of information, read, analyze, ponder, probably like you do for your blog posts. It is a very different process, it takes a long time and much thought over how to build a structure and what content to include.. I understand 😊

  2. There’s something soothing about the way the lines move, it does remind me of a song.💖 I liked this, honest and still cheeky.

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