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Real Talk

When I look at you through
My hurting soul
It seems as if taking from me
Is your end goal.

When I look at you through
My loving heart
I see we are not so far apart.
I want to give you, for a start.

A helping hand,
No demand.

These are things I am lucky to receive.
They make me feel appreciative.
And when I turn to give,
I want to believe,
I am not naive,
And you can perceive
That you can grow beyond your grief,
And feel true relief.

I don’t want to seem vain,
When it comes to reducing your pain.
But it should be understood,
I want to make you feel good.
I know you walk your own lane,
And this is how you will always remain.
Still, I will be by you
When it shines and when it rains.

WRITTEN: APR 26, 2022

26 responses to “Real Talk”

  1. Looking through your loving heart and through your hurting soul… two sides of the same coin, both choices we make! Amazing how different things can look d’éperon the point of view we are standing on!

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