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Thank You

Dear friends,

There is a Jewish saying:
“Anyone who saves a life is as if he saves an entire world”.

And what happens when many people help save one soul? Many blessings to All.

Thank you for all your words!!
You help and
You matter so much ❤️

I am grateful and feel blessed to have become apart of this community.

25 responses to “Thank You”

    • Thank you so much! This just completely made my morning!! This is really the best thing I can hear, I feel that when we see we are not alone with our deepest emotions it can heal the biggest tears in society and human interactions. We are very much together much more than we realize 🙏🏼 Thank you again my friend 😊😊💗💕

  1. It’s definitely 2 way! I mean, if you have written a blog (not talking about you my friend) and if you don’t connect with the readers, those readers won’t care about your content. If people are investing their time, they needs to be show involvement. Can’t talk much about it here as it’s the theme of my blog,haha

    • It’s also about truly loving what I read. I care about it. I can’t just read for the sake of it. I feel the things I read reflect my feelings so many times. And I truly got overwhelmed which is a natural feeling. The connection is there very naturally but sometimes it’s so hard to express. Sometimes admitting how much you connect to something is also overwhelming on yourself. I was actually reading while away whiteout liking or responding to anything because I felt I couldn’t

  2. Good to have you back!! I hope this break was helpful to you. I really hope you are at good physical and mental health. No offence, I kind of got used to see your blogs/poems everyday, so without them it felt banal. I wish you keep writing, as WP community needs you my friend (I hope I can call you that)

    • You can definitely call me that, my friend 😁 I felt I can’t read. I feel this is a two way street – I want to give to others more than words, I want to give my attention in reading and absorbing and if I can’t do that I feel bad. I do feel better now, getting there. Still need to take it easy. Sometimes if we are doing better in one place then it takes a toll on another place and I needed to invest more in other aspects to get myself better. I am back though 😊 and I am happy you feel this way, it makes me smile!! Thank you Devang 😊😊😊

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