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A Tune

I’m tired of feeling weak,
I want to feel strong.
I want to surpass my pain,
Move on.
I want to feel certain
That I am good enough,
Then maybe, my life
Wouldn’t be so rough.

Choices I should be making
Got my body aching.
At night I lay awake
My fate I’m contemplating.
When things are unclear,
I may surrender to my fears.
Clever as I am,
I feel my reason disappears.

If I could get the aches
Out of my way,
I promise to have a good day,
Have only good things to say.
I want to feel okay,
I want to come out and play,
To not feel astray.
To God I pray.

WRITTEN: APR 22, 2022

26 responses to “A Tune”

  1. This is so real and touching, dear. Your writings touch the soul because of their deeply empathetic nature. Such a treasure in writing you have discovered. 💗💗

  2. You’re stronger
    and much more capable
    than you realize!
    You’ve got this!
    Remind yourself
    of the things that you do right
    and suspend judgment
    Of yourself for one day!
    Speak kindly
    to yourself!
    You are awesome!
    You’ve got this!

      • Your poetry is very beautiful! If you’re like me, you pour your emotions into the pieces you create, so when I see someone struggling, I wish to offer words of support and encouragement! Keep speaking kindly to yourself through this difficult time! All difficulties pass and this one will too! Remember you have a 100% record of coming through successfully!! 😊🌻🌻

      • You are so amazing to say all this, thank you so much my friend. You have no idea how much encouragement and help you are giving me ❤️💗❤️ I am getting better and resting my mind

      • 😊 keep doing this! Practice suspending judgment of yourself! My negative self talk used to take me down a deep rabbit hole. When I learned to practice suspending judgment and to speak kindly to myself I was able to slowly release the anxiety and the depression. It doesn’t feel “normal” at first, but does get easier with practice! Be persistent with this! I had to aim for 1 hour at a time in the beginning, and that was difficult to do. You’ve got this! Keep going!!

      • Wow thank you. You really do understand 😊 I understand many interesting things lately. One is that I listened to so many people telling me negative things, I started thinking that’s normal. Then I started speaking to myself this way. I am really working on it one step at a time. Even give validation to my wills, understanding they are not bizarre they are just different, is something new and refreshing to me. It’s a process. Being here really helps. And thank you, you are really so great! You give me a lot of encouragement and understanding 🙏🏼❤️

      • I get it! My own negative self talk started when I had internalized all the negative things that were said to me! Later I realized that those were all lies! My abuser was very damaged and when I learned that damaged people hurt others, healthy people don’t, that was the beginning of my being able to heal! Blessings to you on your healing journey!

      • My pleasure! If you need to or would like to continue speaking offline, just go to my website and use the contact me form! I can respond back to you via email! (For privacy reasons I won’t post my email here!!)

      • By the way, WP now has this new thing where it shares everyone’s emails as default. So your email is showing on every comment you make when I look through the reader. As does all other peoples emails. Maybe it can be changed but I haven’t explored it yet. It’s definitely not cool that they did it

      • Oh yes that is definitely true!! I could see so many things about how people behave and have had empathy to their negative behavior because I knew it came from a place of distress. But I never knew it actually affected me and I never had empathy for myself. So this is a good revelation

    • Thank you so much! I am happy you enjoyed it 😊🙏🏼 I took a short break, I will be happy to read your blog in the upcoming days 💕

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