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I am a Bird.

I wake up and sing,
Each morning of spring.

I fly the world with my wings,
My colors shine, bling bling.

I don’t cling and I don’t sting,
I don’t have time for little things.

I am a Bird.

All I do is
Fly and sing,
Sing and fly.

A bird doesn’t need to cry.

My voice pitches high,
My voice never dies.

I want to stop being shy,
So I can touch the sky.

WRITTEN: APR 19, 2022

51 responses to “Chirp”

      • I have high admiration and respect for you because of your work. Your work has something that’s hard to learn and impossible to copy. You have build a connection, which I’m “trying” to establish. I wish you the best my terrific fellow blogger

      • Thank you Devang! You warm my heart thank you so much. I think it is the utter honesty that connects people, because I put my heart out. I think in your context with your writing, you can establish a more personal connection by sharing your feelings along the informative parts. Like you did with your garden, sharing from yourself brought positive replies 😊😊 we are all inspired by types of bravery, sharing your physical journey is an incredible brave thing to do as well, it has so much hardships, attention and discipline. I wish you the best too my friend and you bring so much positivity, thank you for that!!

      • I try to balance humour and add the sense of “relatiblity” with my blog. Till now everything that I’ve shared is actually tested by me, so I’m sharing stuff that I find doable and relatable. I will try to do what you said. I’m inspired to push harder by seeing work of bloggers like you. You specifically, helped me by giving postive vibes.

  1. Wow…I like this. This is my ideal these days…simple direct…like a nursery rhyme 😍😍

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