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No Love

Moving on
Hurts Me
In new ways
I did not imagine.
Dating again,
I now see how
He treated me
So casually.
Acting like he cared,
He tried being aware,
But deep inside
He was not
In love.
Even though I feel
He fits me like a glove,
I can now understand,
He never gave me love.

I feel a new type
Of pain.
I don’t try to
Or think
about this man.
Yet he holds domain
Inside my brain.
It’s difficult to explain.

How did I let myself
Spend time with a man
Who did not
Love me?
How will I ever forgive myself?
I’m so hurt,
I put my life on a shelf.
I want to come down,
But I’m scared
Of falling.
This fear
Got me stalling.

Moving on
Hurts my
My mind,
And my body.
That for him
I was just
No affection,
Or admiration.
For him,
This was not
A love connection.

WRITTEN: APR 18, 2022

26 responses to “No Love”

  1. Ooh, Tut, this sounds so heartbreaking and beautifully penned. Whoa, can’t agree more, empathetic writings are the best. Sometimes we strongly love those who do not even feel an inch of love towards us, and it hurts when we realise in the long run that perhaps they just used us 💔. I could resonate with this poem. Such a moving piece it is. I hope you will own up resilience and fortitude as tools to get through the disappointment. Love ought to be a two-way traffic, for when two people are strongly in lovely they are most likely to remain great friends as they grow old. ❤ ❤

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