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No Is No

Nothing has been real
In the past six months.
The days, the nights,
They do not exist.
For the first time in my life
I feel like something was
Taken away from me.
I don’t know how to deal with it.
I have yet to let it go.
I have been pulling a rope on one end,
Life on the other.
Life will let me pull forever,
Till I let go.
How many times can I hear the word “No”?
Like a little girl with two ponytails,
I stomp my feet on the ground.
Like she wants a lollipop,
I want This love.
I am stubborn.
This sweet, comforting taste
Is making me act crazy.
How many times can I hear the word “No”?
Like life isn’t thrilled by my pulling,
Like a lollipop doesn’t care of a girl’s craving,
You don’t mind my yearning or my love.

WRITTEN: APR 16, 2022

17 responses to “No Is No”

  1. Sometimes a NO helps. At other times it just pulls us backs, depending on the situation. I love your ideas and how you write with a lot of empathy. It is so appealing. 🤗

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