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My Sitvanit

My dog’s name was a flower’s name (in Hebrew).
She was the happiest creature
I ever known.
She died in my arms
A year and two months ago
At the age of 14.
She was placed in my arms
At two weeks of age.
I have no eulogy in me,
With all my expressions.
I’m afraid my heart will
From sorrow
And that will be the end of me.

She visits me through my plants.
They bloom and grow.
Every morning,
When I attend to them
I see her smiling at me through
The soft petals.
I can feel her love
Tenderly radiating towards me.
She was so gentle,
So pure.
She smiles at me with love.
Unconditional love.
She wants me to be happy.
My Sitvanit.

WRITTEN: APR 16, 2022

15 responses to “My Sitvanit”

  1. A very beautifully written work with full of emotions and good vibes….
    I guess this is the beauty of nature, your buddy went back to the nature and now she’s always with you.

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