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A Man.

A woman is dead.
Love is gone
Nothing to live for.
A woman lost in the world,
Ashes of life spreading in the air
Of nowhere and everywhere.

Where am I?
Fear and death spread inside me,
What happened to me?

A man hurt me
And I’m dead.
Gone like never existed.
Nothing was achieved
And all that was,

A woman is dead.
There was nothing to live for.
No hope,
No prospect,
No essence,
No purpose to her presence.

A woman was killed.
Tormented slowly,
By a man
Who refused to believe
Pure love like hers
Can be achieved.

That woman is gone forever, dead.
Maybe one day
There will be another one, instead.

WRITTEN: FEB 8, 2022

11 responses to “A Man.”

    • I completely agree. I also want to be very clear, that man never hurt me physically. All my writings are completely philosophical and I was incredibly hurt, but never physically by him. I care about his good name. And also want to give the proper respect for women who have been physically abused. This should always be taken super serious and I condemn it. Thankfully that was spared from me

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