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No one is you,
No one will ever be.
No one is as right
For me
As you.
All the assholeness in the world
Won’t make my feelings change.
Sometimes I feel deranged,
I wish I could rearrange
My feelings for you.

No one is you.
You are me
With a different face,
With you
I feel in place,
Not anywhere else.
You feel like home,
My soul stops its roam.
You make me feel simple,
It is you I adorn.

No one is you.
I cannot be freed,
I wish I could succeed,
I acted with much speed.
I know I did what’s right,
But now you’re out of sight.
My love is still so present
Regretfully, I lost the fight.
I feel urged to make peace,
Our separation needs to cease.

WRITTEN: APR 11, 2022

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