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Not A Poem / HolyLand

I live in a country not mine.
I am welcome
But Still don’t fully belong.
Yet here I feel
More at home
Than anywhere else.
My solitude is embraced
By a pack of lone wolves.
My greatness has a place.
I can be myself,
The choice is mine.

Having a choice
Or a feeling thereof
To be what I want
Is priceless.

In my home country
People judge me.
They call it love and care,
I call it nosiness
And insufficiency.
They care enough
To want me to live
The exact life
They live,
Because it works for them.

Our differences are beyond fathom.
They say they worry about me,
They say come back,
To where?
They read my words
And don’t understand.

Every time I see
A person from my country
Has entered this sacred world,
My heart cringes
With disgust.
I can feel the judgment dripping
Through space and time,
Towards me.

I have come to realize I don’t care.

I am finally in a place
And a setting I have
Carefully crafted
That enable me to
Understand myself
And accept myself.

The world is so much larger
Than we can comprehend.
There are so many people
Who are open hearted.
Witnessing it, relaxes me.
My mind quiets down.

As a general habit,
There are people who listen to the radio,
And there are people who create their own playlists.
People who listen to what they’re being fed,
And people who curate their listening experience.

In my home country
People listen to the radio.
There is only one station.
I am not a hit song,
I can’t be on the radio
For all to hear.

Where I currently live
I can be played in several stations.
There are endless people
And endless possibilities.

Maybe I’m getting way off point,
My point is
The joy I feel when I see people read my posts
Disappears at once when it comes to readers
From one small country.
Whoever is reading knows me,
This I know.

This morning it happened
And my disgust made me
Feel strong.

It doesn’t have to be either or
But there I was not endured.
I don’t have hostility,
But here I found a different hospitality.
Sometimes people are born
Into the wrong place.
It’s tragic for the place,
And the person.
Sometimes an inner journey
Is not enough,
It may be tough
Yet here I stay.

Again, I learn,
I know where I belong.
Here, I always feel at home.
I feel there is a chance for me,
I feel that people let me be.
I feel I can be whoever I want,
And I want to release myself
From the shame and concealment,
And live by this agreement:
I make a place for greatness in my world.

WRITTEN: APR 15, 2022

17 responses to “Not A Poem / HolyLand”

  1. We all should live the way: live and live let, accept the uniqueness of each person, not to force them how other people want them to be, as this is also a kind of dication, expectation, even in a sense blackmailing. So be as you are, my friend and enjoy your being 🙂
    All the best, dear Tut Yashar

  2. This is a beautiful piece. I can relate to many parts of it, even though I’m not from a different country and have always lived in this one. I’m glad you feel at home where you’re at. Thank you for sharing.❤️✨

  3. Living in another country and experiencing a different culture can be so rewarding. We are so fortunate these days we can do this, move about quite freely and choose where we work. In the coming weeks hosting a family from Ukraine (friends fleeing from war) I will see a different side, that of leaving one’s home country from fear. It will be a great contrast.

    • Wow you are so generous to open your home to them! I am sure they are traumatized from the war.
      Yes, being able to migrate fairly freely is an amazing opportunity and very rewarding. I learn so much. Thank you for sharing too 😊🙏🏼

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