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Today, March 14, marks two months
Since I started this Blog.
I feel wonderful being here,
That’s why I decided to commemorate it.
I started Life Around The Corner
For two reasons:
1 Maybe help someone feel less alone
2 To be understood.

As to the latter,
I wanted to be understood by others.
Instead, I started understanding
This is connected to the former.
I myself started feeling less alone by
Reading all of you.
As I saw we are so alike,
Feeling Beings,
I decided I deserve some place.
If I am not the only one,
Maybe it’s okay to be this way.
I started giving my feelings and thoughts
A respectful place,
And then I started to understand myself.
Quietness appears with understanding.
I can only do
What makes me happy.
So I better find a way
To be happy with
I have to

I don’t need to find a way,
Everything finds me.
I look at this time
As a time I learn from
I never met
How to accept
People here know each other
Better than they let others
In other places
Know them.
It’s not out of cowardice
From the real world,
It is the mutuality
We find in the way we
Process life.
We observe, feel and share.
Each perspective I read
Is precious
And filled with emotions.
I think about it,
It inspires me.
I wanted to help others
And the world helps me
In the form of

It’s not like reading books
Because it feels so personal.
In a morning, I see myself
And several other people
Write about the same idea,
Or the same color, or feeling.
It happens so many times,
It makes me feel I belong.

Thank you all for your words.
There is much more courage for me
To find through
This Blog.
Happy anniversary and to
Many more.

WRITTEN: APR 14, 2022

31 responses to “Anniversary”

  1. Dear Tut Yashar,

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and words πŸ™‚

    Our fellow human beings with whom we come into contact are like a mirror image of ourselves. We get to know ourselves better through others.

    Happy Easter to you and yours

  2. Happy Anniversary. Here’s to many more. Our community is amazing, and you are a wonderful addition. I look forward to reading many more poems from you. 🌿🌼

    • Thank you so much, Jeff! This makes me very happy to hear πŸ˜ŠπŸ™πŸΌ It is an amazing community and I am so fortunate to have found it πŸ€—πŸ’«

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