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No Judgement

Words build and words ruin.
Words that built me
ruined someone else.
Words that built me
ruined my friendships.
Words that built me
ruined my image with others.
Words that build me
Can make someone
Love me
For my building.

WRITTEN: APR 14, 2022

21 responses to “No Judgement”

  1. You have a power to express these “words” beautifully. Sometimes people think something and write something else, but you are expressing things as it is and that’s the beauty behind your work.

    • Thank you. Many times I feel people who know me judge me when they read my words, like something is wrong with me. And I feel the right people will love me more for it 😊

      • I won’t stop myself from giving my genuine opinion, so I want to say that, you are terrific tut, your work is very beautiful and it comes from the heart. You express your emotions, it’s not at all easy to die 100 times from inside to write something what’s going inside.

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