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Men fear me.
I feel it when they speak to me,
And when they don’t,
I feel fear through their silence.

Drip, drip, drops of fear
Landing on the floor,
Trailing towards my shore.
I can’t take it anymore.

My feelings make me powerful,
Not weak.
Men don’t like my feelings,
As I get stronger
Their fear is at a peak.

They’re afraid to break me,
They’re afraid of my strength.
I want a man to walk the full length.

Don’t be afraid,
I am only the truth.
My body will give you
Eternal youth.

When I speak like this,
There is no wonder why
I am still single and
Men pass me by.

I guess it is scary to
Embrace my ways,
They sound unreal
And so very vague.

As Al Green said
“I am so tired of being alone,
I am so tired of on my own”
I pray I meet my companion.

I wish to meet one man
Who is ready for me.
Who can see my insecurities
And appreciate my purity.

A man who isn’t afraid and will not flee.
A man who is brave and believes in me.

I want to meet a man I can stare at
Straight in the eyes,
And know that there, I will find no lies.
A man who makes me feel free.
I want to meet the man who doesn’t scare me.

WRITTEN: APR 10, 2022

26 responses to “Controversial”

  1. Many men are actually afraid, they get insecure to see a woman getting ahead of them. They get envious and sometimes they start throwing tantrums 🤭.
    Btw a beautiful work, Don’t let anyone steal your thunder ⚡

      • Thank you Devang!! I feel many good things about myself, but I never felt I am an inspiration. There are so many women doing so much in the world, I have them as inspiration 😊😊😊

      • As a male, I’m inspired by you. Yes, I don’t know you in real life, but you are a very positive person. I feel like, hey TUT posted something, Need to read it. You give courage as your are very honest. You may have started this to share your thoughts to probably for an escape, but now look at you. You are doing this because you actually love it. You don’t need blogging, blogging needs you 🙂

  2. Controversial indeed! You’re full of truth, but the issue with men is that (even though there’re quite many who love straightforwardness) they love gentleness and humility as such make a good woman, not a weak woman. All the same, it’s good to stand by one’s precepts and characters. Such an amazing collection of thoughts. ❤❤

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