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What You Don’t See

If it was up to me,
If I could have written my story,
You and I would be married tomorrow.
The following month,
We would move to a new home.
My belly would start getting bigger.
My hair back to light brown.
I will carry myself with regalness,
My face will shine.
You and I will have dinner,
Spend peaceful time at home.
We will create our own business
And I will be able to nurture my own.
I want small things
That will make me feel large,
But they’re not up to me,
In this case I’m not in charge.
I was always afraid to get married
And now there is almost nothing I want more.
In this terrible world we live in,
Where everything is rotten to the core,
Creating our own strong family is something I wish to go for.

WRITTEN: APR 10, 2022

14 responses to “What You Don’t See”

  1. Oh, that’s a wonderful wish that everyone ought to live upto. It’s good to get attached to someone, have children and build a family. I love your thoughts. 💖

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