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Lists, Part 2

You brought me dead flowers,
You said, “These are for You.”

You told me you were all in,
You said “Let’s both win.”

You gave me and you took,
You lured and got me hooked.

You let me deep inside,
You pushed me to the side.

You made me believe,
You care and you shall give.

You just want one more thing from me,
You loved being my VIP.

You say you want to remain free,
You didn’t mind taking my key.

You don’t care that I love you,
You care to gain from my pursue.

You couldn’t have acted more surreal,
You told me my love was never real.

You want to take,
You take a break.

You dread to provide,
You are never satisfied.

You are addicted to your pride,
You will not make me your bride.

You called me a narcissist,
You blamed me I’m making lists.

WRITTEN: APR 9, 2022

19 responses to “Lists, Part 2”

  1. Sounds to me like “Your narcissist” is trying to gaslight you into thinking it is you who is the Narcissist!! I hope this is fiction and not your reality, My Dear!!! Bellissimo!

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