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Every night

I dream my dreams.
Some nights

I wake up in screams.
The dreams I dream

Are most extreme.
Nothing is as it seems.

In my dreams

I am chased by strangers,


Always confronted.
In my dreams

My home is invaded,

People break in it,

And I am baited.

Lately I dream of him,
The one who turned
My light dim.
He hurts, he protects,
He drops by,
So many dreams
Because I can’t say
It feels so real
It makes me contented.
I want to come closer
Then my dream ended.

My dreams of him
Hurt me more than all
My nightmares relived.
They are the dreams
I will never achieve.

So I wake up.
I don’t sleep since he left.
To not dream of him,
I stay awake.
I try and escape
My heartache.

WRITTEN: APR 6, 2022

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