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Choosing Life and Operating Happiness


Our focus should be on the process of perfecting self acceptance,
Rather than reaching perfection.

Self is all.
The world exists to us
Because we are alive to acknowledge it.
Our life enables us to acknowledge all life.

Once we accept that we are all,
We become free to be nothing.
We are
Not a thing.
We are living substance.

We have endless abilities when we present our energy to the present.
Acceptance frees energy to be utilized towards our refined, supreme selves.

The process of self acceptance is everlasting
Because the changes in us are the one constant in life.
We have to accept ourselves every day anew.

Every moment it’s time to say:
I am all
And I am wonderful in every way.

WRITTEN: MAY 6, 2018 ; MAR 23, 2022

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      • So contact tech support they help. It never happened to me before and I don’t know why it should if people fill each other? My comments don’t need to be pre approved so nothing should disappear

      • I comment twice in such case. I dont know the exact cause but it also happens with the sites I follow and comment frequently. I don’t want people to think that, I didn’t read their stuff and dropped like randomly. I only like if I read it, and comments is my way to show appreciation.

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