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I am an accountant
I know how to reconcile.

I come to you
With my eyes

You, only look me in the eyes
When you show your hate.

Still, I believe
You are my fate.

I come to you
In peace,
With love.
I’m in front of you,
Never above.

Despite your disbelief,
I accept you
For who you are.
I kept telling you –
You are a star.

I am an accountant.
When I reconcile
The balance is always zero,
A total match.
Any discrepancy
I must catch.

How can I fully reconcile
When your actions are lacking?
Without us both interacting,
I can’t balance
The books.

How can I make up for the difference?
One side needs to add, and the other deduct.
I try hard to deconstruct,
So that both sides will match
And we can start from scratch.

I am an accountant,
My job is to reconcile.
I try to walk away for a while,
My thinking should be versatile.

Until the balance is zero
My mind doesn’t rest.
Our breakup hurts me
In my chest.

I tried my very best
And I failed my part.
What kind of an accountant am I
If I can’t reconcile
Our hearts?

WRITTEN: MAR 31, 2022

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  1. This reminds me of Plath, sort of…direct unflinching address to an enemy…if you know her…very interesting and original 👍👍

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