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Drifting away
From your image,
Today I found
Another one of
Your hairs.
It was revealed to me
On the floor,
Next to the rug,
Under the sun.
Black and curly,
And loved.
I vacuumed yesterday,
That’s why.
It must have wandered off
From the depth of my rug.
I can’t clean you away
And I like it.
You always stay
And it gives me hope.
Maybe you never left,
Maybe this is just
A waiting period.
Maybe you
Love me.
I clean so well
All the time
And you are
Still here.
How can someone
Constantly be
Here, and not here?
I have done
Everything I can.
I pick it up
And throw it
In the trash,
No place for
Precious treasures.
I wonder,
what is on
Your mind
When you see
My hair
On your floor.
Perhaps you try
To figure out
Which one
It belongs to.

WRITTEN: APR 2, 2022

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