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Sunny Mourning

It’s a terrible feeling
To mourn the living.
I slowly fade with agony.

I call your name,
You are not here
To answer or listen.
I don’t have you to talk to,
You may as well be dead.

If you were dead,
No one would tell me.
I was dead to you alive,
No one knows my name
In your world.

In my world
All know your name.
They hear it and don’t see you,
You may as well be dead.

Maybe you never existed.
Maybe I was just imagining
You were here.

To me you are dead,
And you also killed me.
I look at you from the other side,
Which one of us is where?

My entire world ceased
When you left,
And did not return.

You killed yourself in my world.
I don’t have a picture of you,
To remember,
The time you were alive.

I shed quiet tears,
For the renaissance of my fears:
I see that you are not coming back.

My sadness is swallowing me
Like a black hole.
I don’t want to say goodbye,
Please come back, don’t die.

WRITTEN: MAR 29, 2022

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  1. These poems are in the great tradition of lost love, unrequited love, hopeless love poems…and you do the Tradition proud! I used to write songs like these, I think …be safe warm and happy 😊😊

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