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If you ever get so lucky
To truly love someone,
Then after all is gone and lost
The happiness will spread
Of a love so unconditional and accepting
That you got to feel and share.

The man I love threw it
So for him it isn’t there
But I am fully aware,
I still have it
The biggest love I ever felt.

One day he was here
And the next day
I was back alone.

Yet my love keeps expanding
And when the mourning period is gone,
All I feel is oh so lucky
Because I possess the greatest asset of all.

My love is grand and pure
It embraces with warmth and softness.

It was thrown on the pavement
Like a flower fallen from a tree,
Left on the bare concrete
To die
Touching not touching the ground.

Then I rise.
The wind sets me free and I’m back where I belong:

There is such joy in loving another.
Waking up and going to sleep with a companion,
Someone to care for all the time.
It changed my heart and mind.

Birds were singing in my ears as I thought of my love.
The trees were greener and the wind blew my love’s name through the leaves.

Everything was accompanied by his sweet smile
Engraved in my mind at all times,
And I smiled back
No matter where I am
I was so happy to love this man.

After the frustration and disappointment leave my body
Gratitude takes place,

I got to be so lucky

To truly love.

To feel like I’m grasping a star in the galaxy,
Like I have found a beautiful treasure that makes my heart dance and sing.

Even though it slipped through my fingers I can still see it flying:
So beautiful and free.
I can still feel its presence on the palms of my hands:
So soft and strong.

I’m filled with gratitude all this happened to me.

I got to LOVE.

WRITTEN: MAR 9, 2022

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