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Today I don’t want to write,
Though my mind feels focused and bright.
I want to perform my tasks,
Wander and shop shallowly,
As long as my patience lasts.

My mind needs to relax,
I want to eat some snacks,
I want to take a trip,
In the sea I wish to dip.
Please, I want some ease.
Quiet the constant mind tease,
Be under the trees,
Feel gentle breeze,
Warm degrees.

Today I don’t want to write,
I want to be out of sight.
My mind needs to relax,
I want to perform all my tasks.

WRITTEN: MAR 28, 2022

19 responses to “MIA”

    • Thank you, yes taking a break is important because it gives the brain the ability to rest and also nest the thoughts like with eggs, until they are ready. And you sit and wait. But this is actually not so straightforward as it may seem. I write even though I say I want a break, because it comes naturally and because I can’t help it when it comes. This is an allegory for deeper things.

      • Well probably my niche is very tiring! I have to research a lot, rather than using my own thoughts. I use my own thoughts, to write those research and my own experience in my own words

      • Also, by no means I’m denigrating your work. I understand it is very hard to use perfect words and even harder to get good thoughts to write a good piece. I respect you and your work a lot. Good night from india.

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