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Saturday Morning Thoughts

Saturday morning, I am in bed.
It’s fun,
I love my bed.
I always loved spending time in bed.

Being awake in bed feels so safe and secure.
My world is protected and no harm can occur.
It’s so ironic, therefore,
That when I sleep
It is the cradle for my horrors.
My bed is where my nightmares are dreamt.
In seek of rest so much time is spent.
Yet I find no rest in my sleep,
I wake up tired and weak.

My life is so whole, a complete edition,
Even in my bed I can find contradiction.
In it, I find comfort and serenity,
Yet the disparity –
In bed, I also experience
Anguish and unclarity.

It’s like my relationships:
I seek protection and
Find unfamiliarity.

My mind is like a man,
It always plays these games,
I always see another angle,
There is always something further to detangle.

Saturday morning is a great time,
To enjoy my bed
And the thoughts in my mind.

WRITTEN: MAR 26, 2022

8 responses to “Saturday Morning Thoughts”

  1. I wish you a peaceful night
    And a very joyful morning!
    I wish you happiness and ecstasy.
    Things are hard sometimes, when we think about stuff that happened with us in the past, But I want you to be hopeful. There’s a good news for you in the future.

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