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My Prayer

A power of prayer
Is so great.

When I ask God for help
God doesn’t let me wait.

I pray I win the lottery
But it’s not the one you think,

I don’t pray for money
I pray for a right to be linked.

I pray with all my all,
From the depth of my soul,
I want to win, please,
I want to win.

I want a chance
To be considered,
Present my skills.

I’m worth adopting,
I will forever be able.
I will contribute my part
And help out.


When it comes to asking
There is a trick,
You have to believe
You can have what you wish.

When it comes to prayer
I have this tick,
I divert from faith,
I lack self belief.

I don’t know if I feel I deserve it
Like other things that, in my heart
I deeply wish,
So I can’t truly get it
And I feel defeat.

This time I want to genuinely imagine it,
Believe I can have relief.
Envision clearly how I win it,
Feel now the joy my heart shall feel.

I beg God to help me
Make my road clean,
So I can walk it safely
And do the work
I should be doing here.

I am done walking in flames,
I want to see green hills, and rivers flow.
I am done running from dangers,
I want to stand, and look at flowers grow.
I want to smell fresh air
As I stride
To do God’s work.

So please, I pray,
Let me win.
I want to have a blissful moment again.
I know it should not depend on external things,
But for me this win
Is a win from within.

If I win it means my prayer was real.
It means maybe I can imagine my best
Without having my heart break,
Because I prevailed,
I am so happy.

WRITTEN: MAR 25, 2022

6 responses to “My Prayer”

    • Thank you Devang! This is actually a specific prayer for something specific. So I send my prayer out to the world. Good things are happening already 😊 also keep your smile and hope

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