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Sweet Illusions

You’re so cute.
I love you.
Let’s move in together.
Can you make me your wife?
I know you love me too,
You make me feel it.

You are
An ocean I want to dive into.
I want you to wrap me in all of you,
Embrace me and protect me, put yourself inside me: your kids, your heart, your trust, your smarts.

Let’s get married and live happily ever after.

Your face is the prettiest I’ve seen and
Your body is so soft,
I want to dive in.
I want to lay on your chest,
Feel safe and serene.

I want to welcome you at home, or have you home when I arrive.
Eat together.
Read together.
Lay together.

I want to share our worlds, merge our lives.
Let’s get together and love together and be together.

I love you forever.

I dream you and I have a big family together,
You’ll be a great father to our kids.

I’m calling you now, come get me.
Come give me what you really want to give me.
I know you want me
I know you love me.

I feel you inside me even when you’re not.
Your love is stronger than you know.

I want you to help me, please help me.
Calm my fears and anxieties,
Tell me you’re with me and I’ll be straight.

WRITTEN: NOV 4, 2021

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