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Nine To Five

I am home, on my couch, reading.
I am having one of my outer body experiences.
I hover over my own head and tell myself words –

โ€œWhat a stupid idiot you are!
How can you spend so much time
Loving someone
Who doesnโ€™t see you are a Star?

How can you write all these beautiful poems
Without feeling shameful about who you are writing them for?
That man chose to walk out your door!

Oh God, what a blur.
Whether you write to him or for cure,
You are expressing true love into thin air,
Letting all know of your prolonging despair.

What are you doing?
Go get a nine to five,
Stop being You,
Stop being Love.โ€

At first I get so offended by myself,
How can I be so mean?
Then again,
I have to remind myself I am a Queen.

I will forget about this mess and keep it clean.
But I will not get a nine to five,
And I stay Love.

WRITTEN: MAR 23, 2022

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