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Choosing Life and Operating Happiness


Dawn is such a magical time.
It encompasses all the promises of
The life ahead,
A birth of a new day.

It is the fine combination between
God’s silence’s sound and
The rowdy engine of a truck passing by.

It is a small pause in time
Where I have all my parts aligned
And I feel divine.

Then beams of light unveil,
The day has me confined,
My exuberance declines.

Like the sun I want to shine,
To always feel refined,
Be perfectly combined,

Between the light and the dark,
Between silence and a spark.

The break of a new day
Is a good time to pray,
Recite words without a sound,
A magical time,
I am feeling profound.

WRITTEN: MAR 23, 2022

8 responses to “Dawn”

  1. Well that’s my line 😅
    I end my blogs
    “Remember to smile”
    Or “keep smiling”
    In this world there are too many reasons to be upset about, but a few reasons to smile. So yeah, Don’t forget to smile 😁

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