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Your Message

Sometimes I let my values become my downfall.
I feel like I forego the end goal to maintain my righteous ways,
I get so stubborn, I’m stuck inside a maze.

Not this time.
Even though I want so much to be us two,
I will choose my virtue over you.
When it comes to you and I
It’s either all or bye-bye.

In my mind I play tricks,
I try to reconcile my thoughts,
I try to find a way back to you,
I try to cope.

I tell myself:
I will keep my virtue but
Let my ego go.
I tell you:
Let’s start over,
Only us,
A new flow.

Then my mind backs down
To the sound of
My heart breaking in my chest,
I remember the tormenting pain
And I can’t bare more distress.

“A coward dies a thousand deaths”
And I don’t feel like a heroine.

Your silence is your message,
Your cruelty ripped me from within.

WRITTEN: MAR 22, 2022

21 responses to “Your Message”

  1. Heartfelt and deep lyrics. The important thing is to move on, because there is always a new dawn and a new beginning with what has been learned in tow.

    Fraternal greetings.

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