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Why I Love You

Many times you asked me why I love you,
And I mumbled some insufficient reply.
I knew you would not believe me,
Whether I tell the truth or a lie.
I felt you would laugh at me,
I felt so stupid having to explain.
My word should be enough when I tell you,
You are my man.

I love you because when I look at you I see me.
I see purity, greatness, strength and humility.
I see you beyond the brutal wrapping,
Illuminating in yellowish-white lighting.
I see you as my best friend.
I see You.

That’s why I love you.

And beyond all that,
The reason I know my love is true,
Is that no words can really profess
The rawness and simplicity of my feelings for you.

So many times I tried to explain
And every time I felt like I failed,
But it is you who fail to understand
What a selfless love is from a woman.

Not once have I heard you say
The most beautiful words I can hear.
All the while I kept whispering them in your ears.

WRITTEN: MAR 22, 2022

14 responses to “Why I Love You”

  1. True declaration of love, there is no more genuine feeling than that pure, honest and generous love with which we generate happiness in ourselves and in that special person in your life.

    Nice to read you.


    • Thank you so much, that really touches my heart. And yes true love is so beautiful, it makes the world more beautiful and happy. I wish I knew how to read your writings! What language do you write in?

      • I am Peruvian and I barely write in Spanish. I would also love to learn English, although the google translator helps me, I know it’s not the same, but here we go.

        Here I share a writing from yesterday.

        YOUR LOOK

        your gaze caresses,
        kiss and warm the soul
        no time and no rush.

        your gaze reaches
        the void and fills it with light
        lightening your days

        your look speaks
        and his words say it all
        And they don’t ask much of you.

        your look smiles
        and transcend distances
        Leaving love in its wake.


      • Oh wow that’s so amazing that we can connect from such far places, I am in nyc. This is a beautiful poem! I truly enjoy reading it 😊😊 thank you for sharing with me!

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